Difference between high german and low German phrases

Published: 04th January 2010
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A question that is often asked is 'why do some courses teach 'different' German phrases, then other. The simplest answer for this is that German is spoken in many different countries such Austria, Germany, Switzerland etc and therefore has many different dialects. Sometimes theses can just be differences in pronunciation, or different saying and words. You should not pay to much attention to theses variation when starting out, as this will just confuse and frustrate you.

I recommend get a standard German course, and learning the basic phrases that will be the same for most regions, and then build on your chosen dialect from there.

There also seems to be a lot of confusion about whether to learn high or low German phrases. Below you will find a definition for both, and neither should be leant if you want to speak standard German.

Low German is an older version. There was a vowel change in 7th/8th century and they did not include it. Sounds like Dutch. High German is prettier and sounds more Bavarian and of course they made the changes along the way. The dialects are spoken in different geographic areas (low mostly Northern coastal) and interestingly, speakers of each language may not understand the other at all. High German is also found in France. Neither are considered standard German

If you are planning of learning German, DO NOT learns Low or High German phrases as they are both 'old German' (think Shakespeare English). Make sure that you focus on and learning standard German phrases, and you will be well on your way to learning German phrases, that are understood everywhere.

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Good luck and I hope you are enjoying the wonderful German language.

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